WAWA at the OAC

WAWA is working to achieve a cleaner, greener, healthier, and more sustainable West Atlanta. Visit us at the Outdoor Activity Center to connect to nature, learn about water conservation, rain gardens, insects, pollinators, and explore the OAC Forest.

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  • Education

    WAWA offers educational programs for schools, home-schoolers, and youth programs.

  • Watershed Programs

    WAWA is committed to advocating for the environmental health of the West Atlanta Watershed.

  • Water Conservation

    Information about green technologies and the importance of conserving water.

  • Connections

    Outdoor recreational activities to connect people with nature.

Welcome to WAWA Online!

Please look through our website to learn about the work WAWA is doing to improve the quality of life in the West Atlanta Watershed by protecting, preserving, and restoring our community\'s natural resources.

Our Volunteers

Read the diverse profiles of WAWA's dedicated volunteers.

Our Work

Learn about the work WAWA has done to protect greenspaces in the West Atlanta community, promote outdoor activity and education, and the awards we have won for our work.

Our Services

The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) provides a number of environmental and educational services: help in building community gardens and pollinator gardens, rain barrel workshops, watershed tours in the community, hikes in Cascade Springs and Hampton Beecher Preserves, and field trips at the OAC.

Our Partners

As a community organization, WAWA works closely with other organizations in Atlanta to accomplish our goals.