Increased Species: City Nature Challenge 2020

  |   WAWA News

The 2020 Atlanta City Nature Challenge this year was a success and we want to thank everyone who engaged with our Social Media Platforms from April 24th – 28th and contributed to the large-scale citizen science engagement hosted through the Fernbank. This was WAWA’s SECOND YEAR and it was an overall success!

Take a look at the stats and stay tuned for other updates.

Atlanta experienced a 72% increase in its observers, with a variety of species collected.

Plants: 904
Insects: 186
Birds: 89
Fungi: 84
Arachnids: 28
Reptiles: 25
Amphibians: 14
Mammals: 18

“The City Nature Challenge was fun because I got a chance to experience different trees and leaves in my yard and look them up to learn what the trees were.” —Kenyatta Jelks, age 10 (Past O-Academy Participant)