School Field Trips to the Outdoor Activity Center

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Visit the Outdoor Activity Center 

for your next field trip!!!

Our educational activities align to the Georgia Performance Standards & Common Core in fun and exciting ways!

Children get hands on experiences, which strengthen their understanding and aid in the achievement of the learning goals we cover.

They also make that all important connection to nature and the outdoors!

Our activities address the Major Concepts /Skills found in the K-8 life Sciences, the environmental science curriculum and many of the physical sciences:
Kindergartenconcepts- living and non living things- differences between animals and plants

1st grade concepts-Characteristics of living things and the basic needs of living things

2nd grade concepts-life cycles

3rd grade concepts-Habitats, features of Georgia’s organisms and pollution and conservation

4th grade concepts-Ecosystems, food web/food chain and adaptation survival/extinction

5th grade concepts-Classification of organisms, inherited traits/learned behaviors and cells & microorganisms

6th gradeconcepts-Impacts of weather climate on the earth, human impacts on the earth and energy sources

7th grade concepts- diversity of living organisms, ecosystems and fossils

8th grade concepts-Nature of matter, Law of Conservation of Energy and Energy Transformation

High School Concepts address the concepts above in greater detail and with a focus on service learning!

Programs are facilitated by the 

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

Act fast…Schools that register multiple grade levels may qualify for transportation assistance grants!

For more information contact us:

The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

@ Outdoor Activity Center

1442 Richland Road Atlanta, GA 30310

404 7525385                        WWW.WAWAONLINE.ORG