Join the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network Class of 2021

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Calling all residents of Proctor, Utoy, and Sandy Creeks to join the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network class of 2021!

The Atlanta Watershed Learning Network seeks to expand community knowledge related to green
infrastructure, equity, and sustainable design practices.

Modules will include:

  • Why We Organize
  • Watershed Education
  • Systemic Racism
  • Urban Planning
  • Community Driven Solutions
  • Watershed Management

The program prepares residents to actively participate in the planning of new parks and greenspaces that
might benefit their neighborhoods. By focusing on equitable park development and sustainable solutions,
residents can support projects that provide the greatest environmental, economic, and social justice
outcomes for their communities, while also working to improve the health of the larger river systems.


  • Preference given to those who live in one of our current focus watersheds. This includes Proctor Creek in
    West Atlanta; Intrenchment Creek in South Atlanta; and the Upper Flint River communities near
    Hartsfield Jackson airport. Residents of other watersheds will also be considered.
  • Commit to participate fully in training sessions. This includes six 3-hour educational sessions, two
    Saturdays a month starting on April 24th.
  • Agree to sign an MOU with AWLN and complete and present a capstone project as part of the series,
    which will involve additional time commitments outside the learning sessions.
  • Participants will receive a stipend, to be paid in two installments, after Module 3 and after graduation.

The Atlanta Watershed Learning Network brings together residents from some of the area’s most impacted watersheds. Its goal is to create the conditions that inspire participants to spark change by gaining the knowledge and skills they need to revitalize their watersheds and advocate for equitable development.

If you are interested in joining:
EMAIL Dr. Yomi Noibi: