Neighborhood youth explore on Sandy Creek 

  |   WAWA News

Can you identify macro-invertebrates in our local watershed? These youth can!

In collaboration with Collier Heights Association for Revitalization, Resilience, and Sustainability (CHARRS)
Environmental Health Outdoor Classroom, “It All Happens on the Watershed” program facilitates youth-led research on Sandy Creek. During their meet-ups, the youth spot and identify living species, capture temperature and water quality data, and prepare to share their findings with the neighbors of Collier Heights and friends of Jennie Drake Park.

During week 1 of the programming the youth became acclimated with each other, the study location, and the watershed. The youth learned about the benefits of  the hydrological system. They oriented themselves with the watershed and sampled the water in Sandy Creek. 

Stay tuned for more on the “It All Happens in the Watershed” program.